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Elevate Your Brand with Innovative Websites and Marketing Solutions

We Guarantee Our Work & Your Peace Of Mind


Helping Your Business Succeed

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer tailored web design and marketing solutions that are custom-made to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a new website, a redesign, or help with marketing your business, we've got you covered.


Exceeding Expectations: Our Results-Driven Strategy

Our strategy is all about delivering outstanding results. We do this by bringing together creative design, the latest technology, and a focus on our client's needs. It all begins with getting to know our clients—understanding their business goals, their target audience, and what they need from their website. This helps us create a personalized plan that's just right for them. We believe in open communication and collaboration every step of the way, so our clients are always involved and in the loop. Our strategy is fueled by our passion for excellence, commitment to meeting deadlines, and determination to exceed our client's expectations.


Connecting With Our Clients

To stay relevant, your business must establish an online presence. However, we understand that managing it can be time-consuming. That's where 801 Web & Marketing Group comes in. We specialize in web development and digital marketing, and our main goal is to assist you with the growth of your online presence.

Kamilah and her team were absolutely INCREDIBLE. From the very moment we began working together, she was very organized, professional, direct, and had the creativity/experience to bring our company visions to life through our website, logo improvements, and brochure. Our small medical staffing company will no doubt continue to grow and expand thanks to the hard work of 801 Web Design. We couldn't be more appreciative of the entire experience and process.

- Designer Health Partners

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801 Web & Marketing Group provides exceptional products and services! The website design, flyers, and marketing materials we received were superb and helped to catapult our event to a whole new level. I highly recommend 801 Web & Marketing Group! They consistently deliver what's needed to take Your Brand to the Next Level!

- Marietta Police Athletic League

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Amazing experience working with Kamilah. She was there to answer all of my questions immediately and was very easy to work with. She designed/ created my website completely and did a spectacular job. Very professional and highly recommend.

- United Roofing and Restoration Services

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Creating Your Vision

We understand that every client has a unique vision for their brand, and our goal is to bring that vision to life. That is why we work hard to create a message for your brand that reflects your identity. Our dedication to creating your vision is at the core of what we do, as we strive to exceed your expectations and provide you with a final project that represents your unique identity.

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Defining Your Goals

We believe that understanding our client's goals is fundamental to delivering excellent results. We take the time to listen and comprehend the unique aspirations and objectives of each client we work with. Whether it's establishing a strong online presence, increasing brand awareness, driving more traffic, or generating higher conversions, we strive to align our efforts with their specific goals. By gaining a deep understanding of our client's business and industry, we can tailor our web design and marketing strategies to effectively meet their needs. We collaborate closely with our clients, encouraging open communication and feedback throughout the developmental process. Our dedication to comprehending and fulfilling our client's goals sets the foundation for a successful partnership and helps them achieve the online success they envision.

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